Detecting Digits with PowerShell

A person can look at a number and determine which digits are present. How would a script achieve this?

James Montgomery

13 minute read

Have you ever wondered, how many unique digits are in a number? Alternatively, how many times does a given digit appear in a number? Using PowerShell, I explore these questions in a variety of means and examples.

A punnet of raspberries with a side of visuals

Pi-hole and DNS over DNSCrypt with a PowerShell dashboard.

James Montgomery

5 minute read

I finally dusted off that Raspberry Pi in the corner. Initially, I was putting Pi-hole through its paces. One thing led to another as a new rabbit hole emerged in the form of adding encrypted transport to forwarded queries (a subject I visited in the past). I purchased another Pi for resiliency. I then explored how I might visualise the performance of the solution.