Updating site privacy settings

Working with Hugo privacy configuration.

James Montgomery

1 minute read


I’ve been reviewing the available Hugo privacy settings. I’ve updated my Hugo site configuration to respect “do not track” browser settings in Google Analytics. Furthermore, the Hugo YouTube integration has the privacy-enhanced setting configured, and the Hugo Twitter integration is set to do not track.

You can review the latest configuration on my site project page. Below I discuss the impact of the changes.

Making use of the mirror

Up until now I’ve used my “www.” mirror of “ja.” as just another location for hosting.

The “www” mirror is now differentiated by fully disabling Google Analytics.

What remains is the YouTube and Twitter integration. The Twitter configuration is changed to use simple mode for a static content representation of the Tweet. The YouTube settings are unchanged.

The most visible change will be to tweets on the mirror. Here is a comparison of the two render modes:

Normal vs simple mode tweet


It has been interesting to see the impact of external content integration and enhanced privacy configuration for the above services.