Introducing Elite Dangerous Timeline

A vis.js visual of game events with a DynamoDB backend and Flask API.

James Montgomery

4 minute read

I created a timeline visual from Elite Dangerous in-game events. Why? On the one hand, to further my Python learning and explore AWS DynamoDB. On the other hand, because I ultimately would like to provide some context to me in the game which is not present natively. By focusing on visualising a subset of the available events, I gain a foothold in parsing the game data into a database and putting an API in front of it.

Duel stack life - exchanging momentum for speed

The need for speed - analysing the speed differences in AWS vs GCP

James Montgomery

5 minute read

I knew when I began to duel stack this site it would introduce challenges which would not exist in a single cloud solution. In this case, I found myself chasing speed demons at the expense of focus on other project time. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it - however, there’s a lesson in there.