API Diversions

Experimenting with a new API via Cloudflare workers.

James Montgomery

5 minute read

Recently reinvigorated with my new UI work, I set myself to task with simplifying the front end player code. No matter how I looked at it, I’d needed to rewrite the back end API to support a front end rewrite. But what if I didn’t precisely need to do that? Enter stage left, Cloudflare Workers.

New UI for my text-to-speech player

I revisit the UI, hoping to improve the general experience.

James Montgomery

3 minute read

My previous user interface (UI) could be, at best described as functional. Whilst it technically worked on any platform I tested, a desktop browser received the best experience. Recently @suivethefirst recommended Bootstrap to me. So I tried to make a better experience with this.

Migrating site to AWS

Moving to AWS Amplify and Cloudflare.

James Montgomery

2 minute read

Some time ago, I decided to multi-cloud my site. I’ve recently decided to revert to a single cloud hosting provider. I’m taking the opportunity to experience Amplify static hosting for this site.

Backup of Cloudflare DNS to AWS DynamoDB

Using AWS Lambda to copy records into DynamoDB via the Libcloud library

James Montgomery

5 minute read

After a short break, I decided to take an item off the project list. DNS is a rich source of inspiration for me - and so I elected for a quick win in the form of serverless DNS records backup. The goal of which is to backup my DNS zone contents, via functions as a service (FaaS) and storage as a service (object or database).