Introducing Station Finder

A Cloudflare hosted single page application.

James Montgomery

4 minute read

After migrating my blog to Cloudflare Pages, I wanted to run an application exclusively using Cloudflare products. Inspiration struck on a journey where I was low on fuel in the car.

Migrating to Cloudflare Pages

Moving from Cloudflare as a proxy to Cloudflare as my hosting platform.

James Montgomery

5 minute read

I recently decided to evaluate Cloudflare as a static site hosting provider. This post covers my findings and migration from AWS Amplify.

API Diversions

Experimenting with a new API via Cloudflare workers.

James Montgomery

5 minute read

Recently reinvigorated with my new UI work, I set myself to task with simplifying the front end player code. No matter how I looked at it, I’d needed to rewrite the back end API to support a front end rewrite. But what if I didn’t precisely need to do that? Enter stage left, Cloudflare Workers.

New UI for my text-to-speech player

I revisit the UI, hoping to improve the general experience.

James Montgomery

3 minute read

My previous user interface (UI) could be, at best described as functional. Whilst it technically worked on any platform I tested, a desktop browser received the best experience. Recently @suivethefirst recommended Bootstrap to me. So I tried to make a better experience with this.

Migrating site to AWS

Moving to AWS Amplify and Cloudflare.

James Montgomery

2 minute read

Some time ago, I decided to multi-cloud my site. I’ve recently decided to revert to a single cloud hosting provider. I’m taking the opportunity to experience Amplify static hosting for this site.