Backup of Cloudflare DNS to AWS DynamoDB

Using AWS Lambda to copy records into DynamoDB via the Libcloud library

James Montgomery

5 minute read

After a short break, I decided to take an item off the project list. DNS is a rich source of inspiration for me - and so I elected for a quick win in the form of serverless DNS records backup. The goal of which is to backup my DNS zone contents, via functions as a service (FaaS) and storage as a service (object or database).

Detecting Digits with PowerShell

A person can look at a number and determine which digits are present. How would a script achieve this?

James Montgomery

12 minute read

Have you ever wondered, how many unique digits are in a number? Alternatively, how many times does a given digit appear in a number? Using PowerShell, I explore these questions in a variety of means and examples.

Domain migration and enabling DNSSEC

I migrated my domain to and enabled DNSSEC on CloudFlare.

James Montgomery

3 minute read

The renewal date on my domain was nearing. I decided to make a change from 123-reg to iwantmyname. After migration, I captured the process to enable DNSSEC on the domain when using Cloudflare for DNS. For those thinking of a similar migration, I have also captured my experience of moving to iwantmyname.

Introducing Elite Dangerous Timeline

A vis.js visual of game events with a DynamoDB backend and Flask API.

James Montgomery

4 minute read

I created a timeline visual from Elite Dangerous in-game events. Why? On the one hand, to further my Python learning and explore AWS DynamoDB. On the other hand, because I ultimately would like to provide some context to me in the game which is not present natively. By focusing on visualising a subset of the available events, I gain a foothold in parsing the game data into a database and putting an API in front of it.